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May 2nd, 2015

Welcome to St James Club Antigua!  Not familiar? Don't worry, here is our Top 10 List on why you should make this property the home to your next vacation!

10. Antigua's most famous address! The resort is located on a private 100 acre peninsula.

St James Club Antigua Peninsula

9. Two amazing white sand beaches.  Antigua has 365 beaches, by the way.

SJC Beach

8. Six Swimming Pools!  I think 6 nights might be mandatory.  You'll need at least one day per pool, right?

SJC Pool

7. Great for Adults and children alike.  Lets be honest, who doesnt enjoy a splash in the ocean or some beach activities.  Whether you are young or young at heart, there will be something for everyone.

SJC activities

6. All Inclusive.  Do you even know how amazing those two words are? All your food...All your drinks..All your non motorized activities...ALL INCLUDED!  Put that wallet away buddy, everything is included here!

SJC all inclusive

5. Five Restaurants, Four bars...and they have views.  Oh the views!

SJC Restaurant

4. Villas! St James Club has two and three bedroom villas!  Why stay in standard rooms when you can have a Villa..it's just simple math, people.

SJC Villa

3. Romantic Royal Suites.  Three words have never looked so good next to each other

SJC Royal Suite

2. Award Winning Resort.  Everything from Cetificates of Exellence, to their Award Winning Kids Club.  The list here goes on and on.  Just look at it..who wouldnt give this resort an award?  I dont want to jump to conclusions but maybe you should get married here (wink wink)

SJC Wedding

And the NUMBER 1 Reason....

Jimbo Travels recommends it! Our tagline isn't "Jimbo Travels, Jimbo Knows" for nothing.

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