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February 14th, 2015

Nashville may possibly be one of my favorite places to visit.  The friendly people, the small city feel, the southern charm, but the food?  Oh, the food!  The food is the best part!  I'm struggling to write this post because words just can't describe how much I love the food so what I thought I would do is use this post as a continuous update of reviews for restaurants I've dined at while in Nashville.  Since I go a few times a year for work, it's the best way to keep you always informed and always hungry!Tyler Barham Performing at Pucketts

Pucketts Grocery: They have a few locations but my favorite is the one downtown on Church St because it's so close to broadway so on a nice night, you can go walk around and continue the fun.  Pucketts almost always has live music (you can find the performance schedule on their website) and is home to some amazing service and amazing southern food!  I love everything on this menu and I promise you, I am not making that up.  The appetizers, to name a few, include Fried Green Tomatoes, Pucketts Nachos with pulled pork, Fried Pickles, and BBQ ribs deep fried (yes, they have them and yes they are amazing), will start the meal off right!  Then move on to the main meal and choose from Chicken Fried Steak, Piggy Mac (mac n cheese with pulled pork), BBQ Platter, or how about some Shrimp with Grits.  I can go on but I won't because I will literally start drooling.  Oh and when you get to dessert, how about a deep fried Brownie Sundae!  Ok, I just drooled.  Aside from the menu, I just love the local artists coming in and performing for tips.  They perform for the love of the music, to get noticed, and for your own entertainment.  I have been a few times and each time have found the music to be fun and entertaining. 

TIP: Make a reservation, they always bookup and can have long waits every night of the week!  The music typically starts at 8 and ends around 915 depending on the artist. 

Last updated/dined: Feb 12, 2015  

Holland House: This restaurant is in East Nashville, an up and coming area with cute little homes, fun spots to eat like this one.  I came here based on a reccomendation from a friend that lives local and was so glad I did.  I was worried because the menu is small, like really small.  There are about 5-8 options each for appetizers, main meals, and desserts.  But the liquor menu, well that's another story.  There are about 3 pages worth of drinks in the menu and clearly takes pride in their concoctions and fun drink names.  Ladies, if you are looking for something sweet, try the "Honey Booze Booze".  It was a hit among the women I was dining with.  The restaurant has a fun laid back feel to it with a great armosphere, perfect for a date night or a night out with friends.  Since we were a small group, we requesteBanana and Strawberry Napoleond to sit in the back room.  VERY COOL!  If you have at least 10 people, call ahead and make a reservation and ask for the back room.  I felt like we were dining in a dollhouse or on the stage of a play.  Now let's talk about the food.  We got an assortment of appetizers to share and everything was really good!  For dinner, I got the short ribs which might have ben the best short ribs I have ever eaten.  The short rib was served atop mashed rutabaga which I had actually never had before.  It was delicious!  For desert I had the banana and strawberrt napoleon which didn't dissapoint.  I've put a picture below

TIP: Make reservations and carpool if you are going with a group.  Parking is limited so you will likely need to find street parking.  I dined here in the Winter but it looks like theyhave some nice outdoor seating as well when it is nice out.

Last updated/dined: February 10, 2015


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