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November 28th, 2014

The Overview:

Overall, this hotel is nice.  It's simple and nothing overly fancy about it but it's a nice property for the right clientele.  It became a Secrets 2 years ago and started with just 87 rooms, it now has over 200.  It is unique to Cozumel because it is the only Adults Only property, the only hotel with a waterslide, and the only with private pools on the roof.  This was my first time to Cozumel so I wasn't sure what to expect other than the properties don't have the best beaches and it's more for scuba divers.  I was surprised and happy to see that because this property is located on a different side of Cozumel and away from the main big reef, the beach here was actually nice.  Plenty of chairs for the number of rooms they have so you shouldn't have to fight for chair space but while the water was gorgeous looking, I'd still recommend water shoes as it was pretty rocky the first 500 feet and it definitely did hurt getting to that point.  Remember, Cozumel is home to the worlds second largest reef.

How do I get to the hotel?

There are some seasonal flights that fly right into Cozumel from all the major hubs for the major airlines.  If you check places like Dallas/Ft Worth, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Chicago O'Hare, or Miami to name a few, you will probably find service.  OR you can fly into CUN and the transfer cost is a bit higher but includes the ferry ride which is the only way to get to Cozumel when flying into cancun (I'm going based off of Olympus Tours, one of my favorite ground operators in Mexico).  You will be transported to the Playa del Carmen pier and the rep will show you to the ferry.  You will then meet them on the other side (they will be standing there with a sign just like at cancun...just keep walking down the pier when you get off and you will see them) and they will help transport you to the hotel.  The ferry ride is about 35 minutes and Playa Del Carmen can be about 45 minutes from the airport.  Secrets is about 20 minutes from the pier.  So all in all, expect about 90 minutes of transfer time (plus I'm sure there will be some waiting time for the ferry to depart since there is a schedule for it) from Cancun airport to Cozumel hotel.


Typical Secrets brand with 5 restaurants on site and a good thing to note is that their French restaurant is the only one that requires long pants.  The other restaurants allow nice shorts for men which is nice to know since most Mexican resorts require long pants.  We had lunch in the "Windows" restaurant and the food was incredible.  We enjoyed it a lot


Simple and clean, not your typical Secrets room compared to something like Secrets Vallarta or Secrets The Vine.  It was certainly nice, and rooms were large, but it was very minimal feeling in terms of the overall décor.  I wish I had a better way to put it into words.  Sometimes you walk into a room and you think "Wow, this is beautiful" and other times you walk into a room and think "It's nice, and its clean, and there's nothing wrong with it, but there's also nothing blowing me away about it".  I kind of felt the latter part.  For the price point though, and in looking at all the inclusions, it's defintely a perfect hotel for a Cozumel vacation.

We toured the Junior Suite Swim up room.  In this room category there is only a stand up shower but important to note that every room category has different bathroom setup so if that is important to you to have a tub, or have both tub and shower, please make sure you look at the room category you are booking.

We also toured the Junior Suite Ocean View Swim Up suite which is 750 square feet, and had a much nicer bathroom than the previous room category.  This category has a tub and a stand up shower in the bathroom.  The room we saw was Ocean view but you should know that this is NOT ocean front.  You will be able to see the ocean but by no means are you a hop skip and a jump from the ocean.  The swim up rooms basically have your own little pool swim up area and it empties into what becomes the lazy river over to the main pool.

We then toured the Preferred Club section.  This was finished being built in January 2014.  The mini bar amenities are a little better and include snacks.  We toured the Preferred Club Junior Suite Oceanfront.  The balconies here are much larger, in fact they are huge.  We toured a corner room so it had a wrap around balcony.  You can't make sure you book a corner unit but you can at least request it on check in to see if it's availble if you want the wrap around balcony.


The resort has multiple pools around the complex, all very small though.  There is no large main pool like you may see at other resorts.  It fits the overall complex though because while it may be 200 rooms, it is still a boutique feeling property.  The preferred club does have their own pool in the area of the preferred club rooms.  They have one pool where all the activities go on, while all the others are much more quiet and relaxed.

Who is this resort for?

I would say this resort is good for:

-          Divers

-          adults that want a small island feel but want the ability to go out and go shopping

-          Adults that prefer a boutique property and like good food

-          Possibly destination weddings

-          Someone that wants the mexican hospitality but prefers the feel of some of the smaller Caribbean islands

Who is this resort NOT for?

-          If you want lots of activities going on all day, this is probably not the place for you

-          If you prefer quick transfer time, your clients will arrive tired and frustrated because it is a bit of a process unless you can get service directly into Cozumel.  No one wants to start their vacation frustrated and tired

-          If you are a beach lover and want to spend time in the ocean, I wouldn't recommend unless you are scuba diving.

Overall I think it's a nice property and would be a perfect vacation spot for someone. I think if I spent a few nights here and didnt just do a tour, I would really appreciate it for what it's worth and really enjoy it.  Sometimes it's hard to get a good feel for the property by walking around and just having lunch.  When you stay at the property, you start to realize why things are the way they are and you appreciate it more because it plays into the bigger goal of the resort.  I'm more of a pool person so the beach doesn't bother me, I'm ok with laying on the beach but swimming in the pool.  The food was fantastic, the service was very nice and friendly.  The fact that the rooms didn't blow me away would be fine because I probably would stay here because I wanted some nice shopping and rest and relaxation.  Nothing else.

Go and Enjoy this prpoerty!

Safe Travels!

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