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August 10th, 2014

Save your coins: You will be surprised how quick loose change adds up.  Savings just .50 cents a day in change could net you $182 by the end of the year.  That's a considerable amount to put towards an airline ticket or even a night in a hotel room. 

Put aside $20 per week from your paycheck: There has to be something you could sacrifice to free up $20 per week.  Maybe it's your daily coffee run? Eating out one less time per week? This could save you just over $1000 to put towards your vacation.  Many people find this difficult in the beginning but once you get inot the habit of doing it, I've always found it becomes a game to see how much I can actually sacrifice to save.  The larger my savings get, the more exciting it becomes.  The vacation at the end makes it all worth it! 

Take a look at Credit Card deals with mileage offers: If you are in the market for a new credit card, take a look at some that offer you a mileage boost for opening up the card. Some will offer upwards of 40,000 miles which is usually enough for 1 roundtrip ticket. 

Book with a Travel Agent: Many think you wind up paying more but thousands of agents (yes, there are plenty of agencies still open) don't charge fees and will actually price beat the internet for you.  Plus when you book with an agent, the only thing you normally have to pay upfront is the airfare and a small deposit for the hotel.  The rest you can pay off over time while you would have paid in full if booked with an online travel site.  Travel Agents usually require final payment 45-60 days prior to departure.

Is your birthday or Christmas coming up? Never hurts to ask for money towards the vacation.  Some websites will actually allow you to create a vacation registry where friends and family can go on and buy you components to your vacation

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